An ensemble of saxophone, electric guitar, piano and percussion, IKTUS Combo is a slick combination of classical music and straight up rock-n-roll. Smart, gritty, elegant, head-bopping – a chamber group of today, comfortable in electric and acoustic worlds. In 2012, IKTUS presented compelling debut concerts at New York City’s Galapagos Art Space and Brooklyn College, since then, continuing to perform locally while touring beyond the five boroughs to schools such as the University of Kentucky and University of Tennessee. While repertoire for the full quartet is abundant, this flexible ensemble breaks down into smaller groupings – featuring duos of acoustic guitar/piano and saxophone/percussion. The performers, each highly skilled in their craft, hold performance degrees from top programs across the country. IKTUS Combo is based in New York City.

Video Links: 

Hout, by Louis Andriessen

Localized Corrosion, by Philippe Hurel 

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